Why not Wear a Rocky Horror Costume For Halloween

Frank N Furter

Any Rocky Horror Costume could be the perfect one for you this year! In fact, the Rocky Horro Picture Show has become popular thanks to an episode of Glee last year!

Rocky Horror Picture Show is a great source of ideas for Halloween costumes, especially if you are looking for ideas for costumes for a group of adults attending a party or event together.

One of the main characters is Dr. Frank N. Furter. For a Frank N. Furter costume a short black curly wig is nice. Additionally, although Dr. Furter is male, he wears bright blue eye shadow and red lipstick (this is a very important part of the costume).

Although he has a variety of costume changes throughout the film, one of his more iconic looks is with him wearing black panties and a black vest or bustier. Black fishnet stockings and black fingerless gloves complete the ensemble. If you want to be very specific, Frank N. Furter would also wear a strand of oversized white pearls around his neck. Other makeup for Frankie includes pale face powder, blush, and heavy black eyeliner.

Another main character in the film, and also a great Rocky Horror Costume, is Magenta, one of Dr. Furter’s servants. For a Magenta costume, a long, red, curly or frizzy wig is appropriate. She is in a “sexy maid” costume. Black thigh-high stockings complete her look. Magenta has dark eye makeup, red lips and a pale face.

Another male character is Riff Raff. Although he is balding, he has long blond hair on the back and sides of his head. For his Rocky Horror Costume, one should wear a dirty old white dress shirt with a disheveled black suit. The shirt can be worn open for added effect.

Riff Raff also wears black fingerless gloves and looks rather haggard. White face powder would be appropriate for this costume as would eye makeup in shades of purples and browns to make him look very sickly and tired.

For the more conservative members of your group, Brad and Janet are two more characters in the film. Brad is supposed to look dorky and might wear jeans or khakis with a button-down shirt, a tan jacket and glasses. Janet would wear a feminine but conservative outfit, something along the lines of a modest dress with a cardigan sweater. Because Janet is innocent at the beginning of the film, light pastel colors and whites are appropriate for her Rocky Horror Costume.

Rocky is another male character that can be achieved with minimal fuss. Rocky should have short blond hair and wear nothing but gold hot pants, boxers, or a gold bikini and gold shoes. If possible, Rocky should be very muscular too – kind of like a surfer dude or maybe a pro wrestler.

columbiaColumbia is one of the more flashy female characters in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. To create a Columbia costume, one should have short, straight red hair. Columbia wears shorts, a glittery tube top or bustier, and a glittery or sequined tuxedo jacket with tails.

Columbia should also have a bow tie and a glittery or sequined top hat. Fishnet stockings and high heels complete this ensemble. If you can’t find a bowtie, a glittery dog collar would also work for this costume. She also should have dark eye makeup, bright red lips and heavy red blush.

And maybe you want to dress up as some of the other characters in Rocky Horror like maybe Janet, or Brad or even Rocky. And that’s okay too because we have a lot of tips on helping you to dress up as them too. Just feel to browse through any of the pages on this site to learn even more.

So, if you want to wear a Rocky Horror inspired costume without following the example of a specific character, you have lots of options. Any kind of lingerie, including bras and corsets, is appropriate. Fishnet stockings, as well as thigh-high stockings and dark black panty hose are appropriate. High heels are a good idea for women. Basically anything sexy, a little dark or goth, and provocative can be worn if you want the perfect Rocky Horror Costume.

And if you’re really creative, then only your imagination will hold you back because this is basically a “anything goes” kind of outfit. The whole idea behind the Rocky Horror Picture Show after all is individuality. And what a better holiday to express your individuality, than at Halloween in a Rocky Horror costume.