So, you want to wear a Brad costume from the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Making a Brad costume for your Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween costume is something that shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish! First things first, you would have to decide which  exactly which Brad that you would like to be. And if you’re going to be Brad, above all else, remain uptight.

Brad and JanetWould you like to wear a Brad costume when Janet and he step out of the chapel, in a tuxedo? Or do you prefer “Brad” when they arrive at Dr. Frankenfurter’s mansion? Or how about a Brad costume complete with fishnets and a corset?

Whichever “Brad” you choose, do some research and pay close attention to the details! If you wanted to be “Brad” after marrying Janet then you are going to need a black tuxedo, plaid cummerbund with a matching plaid bow tie and, of course, the nerdy black rim glasses! You should style your hair in a regular men’s hair fashion with an offset part, combed over – and if you need to, you can even get a wig with this hairstyle.

Dress as though you are about to take part in a wedding, you should get into the “Brad” character. You will also need a big white rose corsage to pin to your lapel and a white handkerchief to complete this  unique Brad costume.

wet Brad and JanetAn alternative choice would be the “Brad” that later arrives wet and scared at Frankenfurter’s mansion with Janet. For this costume, I would stop at a second hand store first to look for a few vintage pieces.

You would style your hair the same way as “Wedding Brad” except keep it a little messy and damp. A nice pair of grey slacks, light blue button down shirt dark blue sweater vest and a tan jacket might do nicely.

The jacket would probably be the most intriguing part of this particular Brad costume. It needs to be tan, look vintage with a zipper front, preferably with side and chest pockets. I would recommend a Member’s Only or wind breaker type jacket. As always with any Brad costume, don’t forget those all important black rimmed glasses!

Rocky Horror Picture Show-Frank-N-Furter Adult CostumeIf you are feeling a bit more risqué, you could always dress as “Drag Brad” from the scene where, Rocky, Janet, Dr. Frankenfurter, Magenta and Columbia are doing a burlesque-like show. This is one version of “Brad” that you can get creative with!

Simply, all you need is a dark pair of high heels, fishnet stockings, a garter belt and a black corset that laces up in the front like the one Frankie wears in his Sweet Transvestite number. Optional items for this Brad costume could be a feather boa or some elegant long gloves.

You can lose the black glasses for this Brad costume! Just remember to paint your face with white makeup, outlined in black, and add some deep red lipstick and black mascara. Have fun with this one because you can get as daring as you are comfortable with being!

Brad in DragOther options if you want to dress up as Brad: you’re going to need  tidy white underwear. In the movie version, Brad wears briefs and an undershirt with sleeves. If you are not that bold then boxers are a definite option. Brad also wears thick rimmed black glasses and an old fashioned hair cut that could be created with a wig.

Whichever Brad costume you choose, try to become like the essence of “Brad”. This could change drastically depending on which “Brad” you have chosen. “Wedding Brad” should feel happy, confident, and not have a care in the world. “Wet Brad” should be emotional, confused and scared after his night time walk in the rain and confusion as to what he and Janet have just walked into at Frankenfurter’s mansion. “Drag Brad” should feel confident, submissive, and sexy.

“Brad” evolves in many different ways throughout the Rocky Horror Picture Show film (heck, he’s even dressed only in tightie whities and his socks and shoes for a part of the movie) so an important part of dressing in any kind of Brad costume is relating to Brad’s character and projecting yourself in the same manner. So have fun becoming Brad this Halloween and reliving your favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show memories.

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