Would you wear a Transylvanians costume for Halloween? So what if you wanted to wear a Rocky Horror costume for Halloween but you don’t want to dress up as Rocky, Brad, Janet or any of the other main RHPS cast members? So who do you dress up as? rocky horror makeup kit

Why not dress as one of the Transylvanians for Halloween? You remember them don’t you? These people were the party animals that you see in various parts of the Rocky Horror Picture Show film, dressed up mainly in fancy, formal attire. Remember the Time Warp dance scene?

And just what do I mean by formal attire? Well the Transylvanians typically wore black pants and black coats with long tails, a white vest, white spats, dark shoes and sometimes even a colorful shirt.

If you’re stumped for a place to start, a Riff Raff costume would be a good place to start – then dress it up a bit! Some members of the Transylvanian’s can also be seen wearing crazy sunglasses, top hats that look like they came from a New Year’s Eve party and sometimes even bow ties.

And it doesn’t matter if the shirt is white or color, or if it’s ruffled or plane. It doesn’t matter if it has buttons or not, just so long as it has a somewhat formal look to it. Just let your individuality show. After all, Rocky Horror is meant to illuminate the individuality of people – so show a bit of yourself in your Transylvanian’s costume.

And remember, since the people appeared as a group in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, then if you plan on wearing a Transylvanian costume for Halloween, then you need to have several people dressed the same as you to have the perfect group costume. You don’t want to match the other group members perfectly, but you do want to look very similar to make the costume recognizable as one of the members of the Transylvanian’s in the Rocky Horror film.

So have fun this Halloween dressed in your Transylvanian costume. Just make sure that you will practice the Time Warner until you are perfect, then you can entertain your friends at the Halloween party – and who knows, you may have other Halloweeners join in on all the fun too. Happy Halloween.

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